Fine & Candy is a luxury stationery brand that offers its customers a personalized service  that allows you to add a personal touch to your product developed by our designers

You have the ability to customize your notebook,  your leather goods piece, or even your graphite pencil, with your name, initials or inspirational quotes. Fine & Candy suggests and recommends some parameters for customization, but if you want something else, do not hesitate to contact our team because together we will find what you truly are looking for.


What products can I customize and what the price?

All products that can be customized are properly identified in our online store. Just let your imagination roam and enter the personalization form of each product you want and make it your own. The customization price is calculated as you fill the customization form and it varies depending on your choices.

When do I get my personalized piece?

Custom items have an additional lead time delivery of 5 days and we make no refunds.