Garam Masala Collection

Exclusively, Fine&Candy and OITOEMPONTO’s duo of decorators team up to create a spicy collection of upscale stationery and beautiful office objects. Know-how, noble materials and warm colors are the keywords of this highly accomplished collection signed by OITOEMPONTO x Fine&Candy. The warmth of the ebony wood, the spicy colors, the brass touches, the grain of the paper, the finishing of the handmade paper pencils, the leather covers and the lines of the desk lamp translate a real desire to bring elegance back into the workspaces. Garam Masala, a collection with warm colors, echoing the Indian sun, functional and aesthetic.

Better Together Collection

A Men's and Women's Collection
Harmony between style and functionality is the signature of this new Fine&Candy collection. A selection of timeless and modern pieces where the writing accessories become the most sophisticated trend. Simple shapes, contemporary colors and sublime details standout as a statement of beauty and luxury for every man and woman. Better Together combine elegance, personality and simplicity bringing a little love into your everyday.

Essentials Collection

A Ready to Go Collection
When the Spring months arrive is time to bring some lightness and color to the playing field. The result is an elegant new collection that delights all the senses in a new concept of sensuality and simplicity. Here the smart meets style. The famous Fine&Candy notebooks are now accompanied by some new Small Leather Goods designed and produced in Portugal to make everything more practical, beautiful and easy. Designed to fit over everyday, this collection will provide the finishing touches on your wardrobe. An elegant journey with relaxed silhouettes and soft exquisite finishes in a selection of versatile pieces designed for every man & woman.

The Catwalk Collection

The Catwalk Collection is the latest collection for a cosy Fall/Winter season! Candice, Naomi, Heidi, Kate, Claudia and Cindy are handmade with fur in comforting colors to face the cold winter.

The Classic Kolor Collection

The Classic Kolor Collection is composed of a range of notebooks of high quality and unique details. These fashion accessories are handmade by craftsmen in Portugal. This collection, composed of different models, is made out of premium materials with a contemporary and exclusive design. These handy and elegant notebooks are a must-have.
We make your desk look fine!

The Wild Collection

Fine&Candy with Blue Ginger by Raquel Strada
Founder of the famous lifestyle blog Blue Ginger, Raquel Strada joined Fine&Candy and together they launched an exclusive collection of 3 notebooks. The result couldn't be better, Fine&Candy and BlueGinger by Raquel Strada, a perfect fusion between quality and elegance, a "Wild Collection" with tropical and exotic patterns that will make this summer even hotter. Come with us on this tropical adventure, it will be super fun!

The Handwritten Letter Collection

How long have you not written a love letter or a card to someone special?
Now it will be easier with the new stationery line launched by Fine&Candy - Handwritten Letter Collection. With high-quality paper and with the interior lined in the same paper, our envelopes are available in 6 colors: White, Beige, Light Gray, Blue, Old Pink and Green and come together with gold-stamped cards with messages for several occasions. Perfect for sending a thank you card, an invitation to dinner or sending a sweet message to someone special, these stationery pieces are sold individually or in packs of 6 where you can choose the color of the envelope and message of the card.

The Wedding Collection

Fine&Candy just release the Wedding Collection, with beautiful stationery pieces for every step of your wedding story. Perfectly capturing your style allowing you to customized your products Fine&Candy offers a range of products from save the dates to the most beautiful wedding albums produced with unique quality and details. Celebrating a special day, a baby shower, an engagement or a wedding, our guest book and albums are the best tools to save the most special moments of your life.